Writing a personal statement has never been so simple!

Any adult, not depending whether he is a college graduate or an employee, knows what a personal statement is, as it is a mandatory requirement for most of the colleges and vacancies. It is a sort of a short essay, where you need to write about yourself and explain why you are the best for a particular course or job.

You need to remember that there are slight differences between a college personal statement and the one, when you are applying for a job. For example, if you want to take a postgraduate course and send your application to multiple colleges, they will all see your personal statement. At the same time, your work statement is more personalized, which has many benefits, as you can tailor it according to your needs, including information, which is relevant for a particular company.

A person, who is reading your personal statement, should get a clear picture of your personality and skills, experience and ideas. Even before meeting in person, you need to stand out not only as a professional but also as an individual, leaving behind candidates with the same or even better background.

That is why writing a personal statement requires much time and attention, as you will never have a second chance to make the first impression! It is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from the rest and impress the tutors/hiring managers only by the power of word.

We offer you a list of tips and things to consider, when completing a personal statement, so you will be able to provide a high quality paper without wasting your time and nerves! Just follow them and you will see how simple it is.

Must-haves of an outstanding personal statement

Despite the fact that your personal statement should stand out from the rest, it is important to follow a certain pattern to be appropriate and straight to the point. Here is what you need to include to your letter:

  1. Start with explaining why you want to take the course. Admissions tutor will definitely want to know your motivation: how you developed interest to the subject, what are your current abilities and what your aspirations are;
  2. Point out why you are a perfect candidate. Every day universities and colleges receive hundreds of applications, so it is very difficult to make a decision. That is why you need to help them and provide examples of your previous experience in the field (if any), research information about the college and show that you are ready to do whatever it takes to be accepted;
  3. Write about your experience outside the classroom. It is important to show that you have interests beyond your curriculum. Write about your volunteering experience, work, summer schools or any training programs, which can be useful and are relevant for the course you are applying to;
  4. Write about your transferrable and organizational skills. They may include an ability to work as a team or on your own, leadership skills, time management and so on. This paragraph is your chance to show how ‘universal’ you are and give a broader picture of your personality;
  5. Explain the most relevant skills you have pointed out before. Show how a certain volunteering project helped you to demonstrate particular skills. You can also mark out the awards you have won, describing the things or ideas you have invented;
  6. Prove that you are a critical thinker. Every tutor wants to be sure that you are able to work on your own, analyzing and processing huge amounts of information without someone’s help. That is why it is important to note down that you are a self-organized person, giving a few examples from your work and personal life;
  7. Always be positive. Not depending on the position you are applying to, always talk positively, concentrating on your strong sides and avoiding lack or experience. Write about your future goals and plans, and the way you want to contribute to the society in future.

Follow the above advices if you want your personal statement to stand out from other university applications and give yourself a chance to create an outstanding essay with minimum efforts!

Things to remember

When writing a personal statement you not only need to pay attention to your skills and experience but also make it as personal as possible, not leaving everything for the last minute.

Remember that a first-class personal statement should be a reflection of your work experience, personal achievements and aspirations, dreams and goals. It is an essay, which tells everyone that you are ready to occupy a certain niche, even if you lack necessary experience.

However, it doesn’t mean that a personal statement is impossible to complete. There are multiple ways how to simplify the process: from downloading templates online to asking an expert advice. Such assistance is priceless, as you can contact an expert, who has graduated the college you are applying to and who will give you a relevant insight on how to succeed.

writing a personal statement

An easy way to improve your personal statement

Writing a personal statement can become a real headache and completely consume your free time if you don’t know how to write it on your own. You may be running out of time or simply not knowing how to edit your personal statement: in all such cases there is a simple way out!

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