How To Write An Explanatory Essay From A to Z | Tips And Step-By-Step Guide

An explanatory essay is the usual type of paper. No matter where you are studying, you should know the features of this paper. It is important to be aware of the definition and purpose of the explanatory essay. Although this type of paper seems to be simple, the creation of high-quality explanatory essay may be challenging. The problem is that you need to present the information objectively, sharing the opinion of other people.

The main purpose of an explanatory essay is to inform a reader and explain your point of view. Unlike a persuasive or argumentative essay, this one is used to present the information. Pretty easy, isn’t it? However, students sometimes want to show that their opinion is right. They can pick up more arguments to support their point of view. 

When you write an explanatory essay, you should encourage a potential reader to make their conclusion. You should make sure to discuss each side of the problem to allow people to understand the situation better. An explanatory essay might look like an informative one because of its purpose. To write an excellent explanatory paper, you should learn its features and useful tips from our experts.

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Step-By-Step On Writing A Perfect Explanatory Essay

Students think that they can write an explanatory essay fast. It might work if you can divide the writing process into a few parts. That is why we recommend you to learn our step-by-step writing guide.

  1. Research the topic. You should learn the arguments for each point of view. It is essential to be aware of every detail as you will explain the subject to a potential reader.
  2. Write an outline. It is useful to create a concise outline with an approximate structure of your future essay. Keep in mind that a relevant outline will help you write an explanatory essay from A to Z.
  3. Use brainstorming. This is going to help you come up with a strong thesis statement and pick up convincing arguments. Also, brainstorming usually helps to produce a lot of text in a short period.
  4. Write a strong introduction. An introduction has to contain a powerful thesis and a hook to interest a reader. You can use a statistical fact, a quote, or something else to make a person continue reading.
  5. Create the main part of the essay. It usually contains 3 or 5 body paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain an argument and evidence. Be careful: every following sentence should develop the idea of the previous one.
  6. Sum up your ideas with a conclusion. The last paragraph has to summarize the ideas and thoughts you have presented before. You can also rephrase the thesis statement to make a reader remember the main message of the essay.

This guide will help you to create an explanatory essay. However, if the task is still challenging, contact our experts to get help. They created this small guide using their experience. That is why they can cope with explanatory essay very fast.

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Useful Tips To Help You Improve Your Explanatory Essay

We understand that many students want to write an essay on their own. It is a good decision since it develops their mind. Yet, we have many orders on explanatory essays as well. Thus, vast of students rather get somebody’s help.

Firstly, we asked our writers to give some tips for students. Our experts are working with such articles for more than 10 years. Therefore, they know how to improve the quality of an essay and facilitate the working process. Here are these tips:

  • make a plan. You need to keep in mind the work stages, such as researching, creating an outline, and writing itself. A plan will help you manage your time and take some other assignments at the same time;
  • read some examples. If you are not a professional working with an explanatory essay, go check out some examples from other students. They will help you understand how to structure the paper;
  • edit and proofread the paper. Do not neglect to check the paper for possible mistakes. Even if you are sure that your essay is high-quality, you should proofread that before handing in.

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