What is a scholarship essay

At least once during a lifetime, students are facing this challenging and difficult assignment, which may influence their future career and contribute to their wellbeing and prosperity. That is why it is very important to understand what a scholarship essay is and how to make sure it amazes the admission committee.

The admission essay is your ticket to the university or college, so you need to spend enough time on researching and analyzing information on the course, pointing out your strong sides and shaping a catchy and interesting letter.

Remember that writing an essay for a scholarship is a sort of a business card, which you use to stand out from other candidates, proving that you may contribute to the institution. However, you shouldn’t seem arrogant: just be yourself, considering every word you use.

If you give your time and energy to writing a scholarship application, your chances of being accepted will increase significantly and you will surely be invited for an interview.

Just follow our tips and advices to avoid the most common mistakes and we guarantee that every essay you write will be interesting and straight to the point.

Useful tips

If you want to complete a flawless essay to get a scholarship, here are a few tips, which will be of a great use:

  • Try to understand how the committee evaluates their candidates. These may be certain criteria, like experience, leadership, teamwork and so on. First, try to analyze the keywords they use or surf the internet, reading reviews or talking to other students. In such a way, you will distinguish the main aspects the committee concentrates on;
  • After marking out these key words, organically include them to you essay. However, make sure they don’t appear too often, making your essay heavy and boring;
  • Make a proper start. Most students find it very difficult to write a first sentence. You can include a quote, which relates to the course, showing that you have broad horizons and additional knowledge of the subject and course;
  • Point out not only your high school or college achievements but also include community work or volunteering services if you have any experience. This will tell the committee a lot about your personality and interests, showing that you are committed to the society and are ready to give your time and energy to others;
  • Rewrite your scholarship essay as many times as needed to make sure that it contains no mistakes or misprints. This requires starting the essay well in advance to have enough time for editing and revisions;
  • Ask someone else to read the essay. A fresh eye is always helpful even if you are shy to ask your family or friends for help. They will be able to add something that you have missed out, making your essay even stronger;
  • Be positive. Remember that your essay is your self-portrait, so you need to make it as appealing as possible. Don’t be too serious and formal, try to sound relaxed and open-minded. These qualities always appeal to the committee and increase your chances of being accepted.
scholarship essay

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