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Once you have reached high school or college, you will regularly be asked to complete a research paper. Unlike a simple essay or report, it aims to reveal deeper thoughts on the subject, not depending whether it is a social, historical or scientific paper. Your main goal will be to convey the message, analyzing the topic and modern authors, providing your own thoughts and proposing new methods or ideas.

For most of the students, it can become an unbearable task and research papers become their main headache throughout student years. While some of them simply don’t have time to find relevant information, choose research paper topics and create drafts, most of the students don’t have necessary skills to complete a thorough research and write down personal thoughts on the subject.

That is why more and more students use someone’s help in order to complete their research paper on time and obtain a nice grade, hoping not to fail in the class. The most risky ones download free samples online and hope that their professor won’t notice a fraud. Others pay their classmates but they are not able to change the writing style and usually teachers see that it wasn’t you, who wrote the paper at once.

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In such a way, you will get a chance to turn to professionals if you are not ready to complete your research paper on your own. However, if you decide that it is a task you can deliver on your own, you are going to need some tips and advices, which will greatly help you throughout the process.

How to write an outstanding research paper

It is not a secret that every college task follows a certain pattern, even though the guidelines and professor’s demands may differ. When completing a research paper you can use help of various websites and forums, which provide useful tips and samples on how to make a perfect assignment. Hopefully you will use our advices, when preparing your research paper, as they were completed by professional writers and teachers, who know exactly what you need to amaze your professor and obtain a highest possible grade.

Research paper structure

Despite the fact that each subject requires more attention to different aspects of your research paper, there is a common structure you need to follow in order to avoid mistakes every student conducts once in a while.

A usual research paper structure consists of following parts:

  • Abstract. Your abstract should convey the main idea of your paper, emphasizing key points and proving its relevance for the researcher or professor. Make sure your thoughts are clear and straight to the point;
  • Introduction should consist of your work’s presentation, goals you want to achieve and personal opinion on the subject;
  • Methodology. Here you need to indicate what tools and instruments you were using to achieve necessary results;
  • Results, which should consist of numbers, images, graphs or charts, showing what you have achieved throughout your research;
  • Discussion. This section is also a part of the results stage but is usually conveyed in a written form, without numbers or statistics. Try to transmit your thoughts to the audience by putting into words all the numbers or data you have obtained;
  • Conclusion. Try to explain your thoughts on the subject, connecting them with other researches;
  • References. You should always document the sources you have used in your work, using appropriate formatting style, indicated by your professor.

Always try to follow the structure of the paper, as it will greatly help you to divide the topic into logical parts and convey your thoughts to the audience. Use drafts if necessary and always have your assignment’s structure on the desk to make sure you are going in a right direction.

Advices to take into account

To complete a first-class research paper you will surely need help of those, who know exactly how a perfect assignment looks like, so here is a list of advices you need to follow:

  • Give yourself enough time. An average research paper is 10-20 pages long, which requires a month to make a thorough research and analysis. If you have tighter deadlines, try to have at least two weeks and make a schedule not to miss anything. You will need half of this time to find relevant sources and data, on which you will build your whole work;
  • Thesis statement is your key to success. Very often professors want to see your thesis before you start working on the paper itself, so try to always be straight to the point and brief, providing key aspects of your future research and proving that your idea will definitely work;
  • Use index cards. These small notes will remind you of the main ideas on the subject. You can note down all the key words, dates or numbers you want to include to your research paper and they will become a sort of a skeleton, around which the whole work will be built;
  • Write the outline over and over again. It is impossible to complete a thoughtful and engaging paper without having a clear plan. Make sure you have shaped a proper outline before starting to work on the assignment itself;
  • Reread your research paper multiple times before delivering to your professor. You may find some misprints or mistakes you have never seen before.

Following all these simple tips and advices, you will surely complete an outstanding research paper and will forget about stress and anxiety, missing the deadlines and not knowing what to write about!

Winning research paper topics

Completing a research paper is quite a difficult task and it follows every student throughout all the student years. Usually you will need to complete one research paper per semester for most of the subjects that is why you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to complete it in the best possible way.

To avoid stress and anxiety you need to be sure that your research paper topics are chosen correctly and highlight your interests, skills and are interesting for the audience. While sometimes professors assign particular topics, more often you will be able to choose them on your own.

When you choose a research paper topic, you need to be sure that it is modern and interesting, as it should catch the audience, instead of putting it to sleep. It is also a big plus to select a topic, which reflects your interests, as you will be able to convey the subject with passion and personal involvement.

In addition, try always to choose an innovative topic, which will reflect modern aspects of life and society. History is important but you shouldn’t concentrate your whole work on it (unless you are a history student).

Here is a list of topics, which may help you find your way and decide what you are willing to write about:

  • The importance of Harry Potter series for the modern society;
  • How celebrities shape modern attitude to the beauty and fashion;
  • Can school uniform discriminate women?
  • Is literacy for everyone possible to achieve?
  • How social media replace live communication;
  • LGBT tolerance and tendencies across the world;
  • Should euthanasia be allowed?
  • Influence of drugs on the human body;
  • Can South and North Korea reunite?
  • Is global terrorism sponsored by world leaders?
  • The most successful enterprises of the 21st century;
  • Ocean pollution and much more.

As you see, research paper topics can engage multiple subjects but you need to remember that your audience has different views and beliefs, so it is also important to be tolerant and not create conflicts if the topic arises issues not everyone can agree with.

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