What is a photo essay

A photo essay is not a task you may find common and when students see it for the first time, they are usually scared, as they don’t know how it should look like. The main thing you need to know is that such sort of assignments is simply a series of photos, which are created to transmit a certain emotion or idea to influence the viewer. A photo essay usually arises deep emotions, so you need to be skilled enough to engage the audience and reach their minds and hearts.

Photo essays may differ from a simple set of photographs to a full text, illustrated with photos on a certain topic. Examples of such essays include:

  • A journal article, which can be a full or a two-page sheet;
  • A website or its certain pages;
  • A set or collage of photos, with or without text;
  • Computer presentations;
  • An art show on stage;
  • Fashion publications and much more.

If you want to create an outstanding photo essay, try to widen your horizons, breaking the rules and creating your personal view on the subject. In such a way, you will surely make your essay stand out from the rest!

How to complete a great photo essay

To create a great photo essay you should not only be a photojournalist but also be able to reach the audience, transmitting emotions and telling the story. That is why we offer you five tips to complete the assignment in the best possible way:

  • Choose a topic. It should touch yourself first to make the working process interesting and challenging;
  • Make a research. Study the background of the object, subject, place or event you are going to take photos of to know where to start with;
  • Real story matters, so make it unique and personalized;
  • Mark core emotions. To connect with the audience, you need to distinguish the key emotions you want to stir up! It doesn’t mean that you will need to manipulate the viewer with anger, joy, sadness or any other strong feelings;
  • Plan your photos, each of which should convey a different idea or emotion.

You don’t need an outstanding writer to create an incredible photo essay. All you need is your heart, time and some photographic skills to make everything work.

photo essay

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