A winning personal statement format

Almost every graduate, who is willing to obtain an undergraduate degree, will face a personal statement. It is an assignment, where you need to prove that you are a perfect match for a course, you are going to take.

You need to remember that you will write only one personal statement, which will be seen by all the colleges you are going to apply, so you need to make it universal and unique at the same time. You may apply along with other students, who have the same grades but they won’t have same views on life, skills and aspirations, so you will need to do your best to stand out from other candidacies.

Take into account that a personal statement is like a business card, so it should impress the reader before you meet him in a real life. It can also be like an introduction to an interview and will help you feel more relaxed. Another benefit of such a paper is that it will add more credits even if you fail in your final exams or have lower grades than otherapplicants. Your enthusiasm and a strong desire to apply will surely be appealing to the committee.

How to format your statement

Your personal statement format greatly differs according to your degree and aspirations, as it may be brief and strictly structured or may be colorful and catchy. However, there are some common tips and advices, which will help you to add important aspects to your paper and impress anyone. They include:

  1. Make it clear why you want to take the particular course. You need to indicate how your interest emerged and what you have done to follow your dreams. It is important to be specific, so give clear examples if necessary. However, don’t use the word ‘passion’ too much;
  2. Prove that you are a right fit for the course. Here you need to show that you understand the course, university’s policy and that you possess all the required features. If you already have experience in the field, like participating in conferences or working part-time, you should definitely include it to your statement;
  3. Indicate your interests and hobbies. It is very boring to read a paper, which simply lists your scholarly achievements. Try to show that you have other skills outside the college classroom, like participating in various events or volunteering;
  4. Explain how such experience may be useful to your future degree and career. Of course it is great if you are a free diver or an outstanding chess player but try to link such skills with the course you are willing to take;
  5. What transferable skills you possess. Although it is quite a cliché section of a personal statement or even CV, you can’t ignore it. Try to describe that you are a team player, a great time manager and a leader in a fresh and interesting manner;
  6. Prove that you are able to think critically. Undergraduate courses are based on self-education, where you will need to collect information on your own. So it is very important for every student to be able to show that he can analyze and doubt any information he obtains;
  7. What is your long-term plan? Use your imagination and try to explain your vision of the future in a simple and interesting way.

By including all these aspects to your statement format, you will definitely impress the committee and increase your chances to be accepted.

personal statement format

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