How to write a synthesis essay

It is quite difficult to find a student, who loves written assignments, especially essays and all sorts of reports, which require not only writing skills but also a lot of time to analyze and process various sources and data. That is why for many of them a synthesis essay becomes quite a challenge and requires a clear understanding of how it should be completed.

Overall, synthesis essay is the same, as any research paper or analytical essay and aims to show how well you are able to master various sources. Your main goal is to make connections between various written sources, like essays, books, articles and non-written ones, including interviews and lectures.Sounds familiar, right? However, a synthesis essay differs from a research paper, as it highlights not the obtained results but the relationships themselves.

In addition, you should be able to prove the quality of the sources you use and to make judgments, based on the critical thinking. You also need to include prognosis and personal ideas to make a live and interesting synthesis essay. Remember that you will have to be very selective, as all the information you provide should be straight to the point and brief, as it may easily become boring.

Before learning how to write a synthesis essay, you need to know the difference between two main types: the explanatory and the argument synthesis. The first one aims to help the target audience understand the topic. Your main goal is to divide it into subtopics and categories in a clear and understandable way. When writing an explanatory essay you will only need to present facts from various sources and not argue on a certain topic. The argument synthesis, on contrary, aims to show your personal thoughts on the subject, backed with relevant information and facts. Make sure your thesis will cause debates and arise various opinions.

Useful tips you need to keep in mind

If you want to know how to write a synthesis essay, there is no better way than planning it. We offer you six simple organizational steps, which will surely help you to get started:

  1. Work on the sources. Even if you still don’t know what your thoughts on the subject are, search for common data and relationships between the sources and note all the connections you can find. You can mark sources A, B and C to make an outline of their key features and address them any time you need;
  2. Decide what your thoughts on the subject are. The key to success is not to have a clear understanding of what your position is but to be able to support your point of view as clearly as possible. Always stick to your position, as there is nothing more annoying than seeing how easily author is changing his mind throughout the paper;
  3. Work hard on your thesis. As any written assignment, synthesis essay requires a strong thesis, which you will back throughout your work. Make sure it reflects your ideas and highlights your key points;
  4. Create an outline. Once you have worked on the sources and made up your mind which side to choose, you need to make an outline, which will guide you throughout the paper. On the top of it, you should note down your thesis statement and add all the arguments below. It can look like a list of points, marked with letters or numbers;
  5. Be wise, when using your sources. Students often make mistakes, when working on the sources and here are the things you need to avoid in order to use them correctly:
    • Analyze the sources instead of summarizing them;
    • Structure your essay around the arguments, not sources. This means that you need to use at least several sources to back one idea and not simply explain what a particular source has to say.
  6. Start writing. All the hard work is already finished and all you need to do is to fill in the information. Always keep in mind what your main idea is to make sure you are going in a right direction.

Following these steps will greatly simplify the writing process and you won’t have to think of how to write a synthesis essay to make it interesting and straight to the point. However, knowing what a synthesis essay is and what the main stages of creating oneare, is only half of your success story. There are many tips and advices, which you can use in order to complete the paper in the best possible way. Following them, you will always be ready to create an outstanding paper and make it stand out from the rest!

What you need to know, when completing a synthesis essay

A synthesis essay is a great way to show your analytical and writing skills and it greatly helps to improve your ability to make connections and build relationships between sources. You can try to complete it on your own but we offer you a list of tips, which may be of great use when you are stuck in the middle of the process and don’t know how to make your essay shine. By using them, you will easily engage the target audience and amaze your professor.

Here is what you need to know when creating a synthesis essay:

  • Choose a topic, which will suit the needs of a synthesis essay. It is quite easy to get lost and select a topic, which will ruin your whole essay. If your professor offers you to choose it on your own, try to select the topic, which will be quite broad to connect several sources together. However, it should not be too broad, as you will simply fail to convey your thoughts to the audience. For example, instead of writing on the phenomenon of social media you can write about a certain application or a group of people, who use such networks;
  • Not depending on the formatting style you are going to use, there is quite a common structure you need to follow when completing your synthesis essay. It should consist of an introductory section, which aims to catch readers’ attention and describe the main ideas you are going to write about. Then you need to indicate the body paragraphs, which include a topic sentence and explanation of the used sources and the conclusion section, which should end your paper in a logical way;
  • Use creative tools. No one likes brief and boring papers, so there are a few tips, which will help you to make your essay livelier. First, you can use examples and illustrations. They will support your arguments and add some colors to the whole paper. You can also use the ‘straw man’ technique: write an argument, which is opposite to your thesis and reveal its weak aspects and flaws. In addition, you can always use various comparing and contrasting tools, which will help you to evaluate multiple sources at a time;
  • Try to avoid first person and passive voice. Your synthesis essay should be written, using a third person and avoiding complicating structures and sentences;
  • Revise your paper thoroughly. If you have some time left, put your essay aside for a while and get back to it with a fresh vision. Read it aloud, as it will greatly help you to mark weak or too heavy sentences. You can also ask your friends or relatives to proofread the essay for you, making notes if something needs to be changed.

By using these advices and tips, you will be able to complete an interesting synthesis essay and will be able to write them without any stress in future.

how to write a synthesis essay

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