How to write a personal essay

A personal essay is the first assignment, which comes to mind, when you think about a written task both at high school and at college. It can be both a challenge and a great way to spend time, so make sure you have a positive approach and an interesting topic to discuss.

When you are asked to write a personal essay, your tutor wants to see how well you master language, composition and style, as well as tell about yourself. It is a great way to show your strong sides and improve your grades in the class. However, if you still think that personal essay writing is complicated, don’t worry! We have prepared a few tips, which will be of a great help. Just grab a mug of tea and coffee, and get ready to work on your personal essay!

How to write personal essay structure

There are tens of essay types, which greatly vary from each other. However, they all follow the same pattern and structure, so knowing all its aspects will make writing a personal essay simple and fun. The structure of an essay consists of three main parts:

  • Introduction. This section should be brief and clear. It consists of a few sentences, which render the main idea of your personal essay. These sentences aim to intrigue the reader and make him want to peep inside. You should also include a thesis statement, which will be the heart of your essay;
  • Body paragraphs. There may be three or even four of them, depending on the quantity of arguments you want to provide. However, writing personal essays should be brief and laconic. Try to limit your arguments to maximum three. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence and then provide data on this matter. The rule says that there should be not more than ten lines in each paragraph;
  • Conclusions. This paragraph aims to summarize all your thoughts and ideas on the topic. Restate your thesis statement if necessary and provide your opinion on the lessons you have learned. You can also write about the person you want to become, the changes you are going to make and so on.

Remembering this simple structure, you will always know how to write a personal essay without any difficulties.

how to write a personal essay

Tips on writing a personal essay

There are only six main tips you need to consider, when writing a personal essay. Knowing them, you won’t find it difficult to obtain the highest grade and impress your tutor. They include:

  • Inspiration is the key. Take your time to choose the topic, as it will greatly influence the result. It should be catchy, interesting and thought-provoking;
  • Freshen your lexis and grammar. Every argument you provide should be backed with correct spelling and punctuation. Consult books and guidelines to make sure your language skills are flawless;
  • Be yourself. You may download samples of a personal essay online but never try to rewrite them. You have your personal style, which differs you from the rest. Use it and you will see how attractive it is;
  • Be brief. A personal essay should be quite laconic, so don’t make your text watery;
  • Stick to your point of view. When choosing a topic, you will need to decide what side you are on and what your positions on the topic are. Stick to them and never change your mind;
  • Don’t neglect editing. Rewriting your essay over and over again may do you harm but asking someone else to read it and correct mistakes can be a great plus. Never leave completion of an essay for the last minute.

Now you know how to write a personal essay and can complete it without someone’s help. Just be yourself and pay attention to details, and you will definitely succeed!

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