What you need to know about a gun control essay

Nowadays there are not many topics, which stir up the interest of the audience as much as gun control. Latest heartbreaking shootings prove that this matter should be discussed and taken into account to minimize future losses.

That is why very often students are asked to write an essay on gun control and show their attitude to the topic. You may support gun control laws or stand for a chance for self-defense but every argument needs to be backed with evidence. That is why we decided to complete a brief guideline for those, who don’t know where to start their gun control essays. Hopefully, you will find them useful and will never have to stress out before discussing a controversial topic.

Pros and cons of a gun control

When writing a gun control essay you need to decide what side you are on. It is not a research paper, where you can remain neutral, so take your time and make a decision. Below is a list of pros and cons of gun control to help you make up your mind.

Why gun control is useful:

  • Owning a gun makes it quite easy to injure or kill a person even without intentions of doing so;
  • Statistic shows that the rates of suicide are almost five times higher in households, where guns are kept;
  • If you have a gun, the risk of killing a friend, a relative or even a neighbor is higher in 43 times.

Why gun control is not needed:

  • It is said that people kill, not guns;
  • If you own a gun you can defend yourself and your family, go hunting and feel much safer under any circumstances;
  • Those, who usually hurt others (i.e. criminals) are able to get a gun even without legal rights.

Now you have probably decided which side you are on and are ready to start your essay gun control.


Catchy titles

It is not a secret that usually everything is judged by its cover: whether it is a book, a person or an essay. That is why we have created a list of titles, which will make your gun control essay stand out from the rest and make the audience want to read it!

Papers that support gun control:

  1. More guns will cause additional violence;
  2. Wrong individuals don’t have a right to own a gun;
  3. How can a Second Amendment influence cruelty and shootings?
  4. Is it impossible for a Second Amendment exist together with the gun control?
  5. Is it possible to distinguish defense and deadly assaults?

Anti-gun control argumentative essay topics:

  • Education is the most effective weapon;
  • How to stop gun propaganda on TV;
  • Modern mass media: people, seeking fame, often start shootings;
  • How to distinguish a gun-holder and anyone, who is a potential threat?
  • Real criminals never follow gun control laws.
  • Using our simple tips, you will surely complete a great essay on gun control and will be able to obtain highest grades!

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