Importance of an Expository Essay

Writing is a vital form of communication. Through writing, the author is in a position to inform the audience and as well as appeal to ethos and pathos. When reading a written article, the audience should be able to understand and feel the impacts of the intentions of the author as well as those of the text. An expository essay is one of the writing techniques that students and writers – at some point in the line of study – use to help address and explain an idea in research. This type of essay requires writers to research and develop an in-depth investigation into the concept as well as providing supporting shreds of evidence to the idea. Expository essays do also include psychoanalysis of different points of view and arguments about the idea at hand. The various discussions of the concept can be achieved through different techniques such as to cause and effect analysis, through the provision of examples as well as through comparing and contrasting information regarding the idea.

Expository essays expose more on an idea or a product. Using an expository essay to describe a product, you need to know the functionality of the product, the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using the product. While writing the expository essay, there is no need for bias. A good expository essay must include a comparison of arguments of supporting ideas about the topic at hand. As a result, the reader of the essay, the customer, will make an analyzed decision on whether to use the product or not.

Important Expository Essay Tip

To write a good expository essay, the writer should gather enough information about the idea or product he wants to write about. This might call for field research on the users of a product as well as manufacturers of a product. After gathering the information, the writer should plan on how to bring ideas to the audience. Most writers will prefer to start by emphasizing on the good sides of a product or idea before seeping into the disadvantages. A proper plan of the views in writing makes the audience able to understand the flow of the information the author is trying to put across.

Expository essays also have a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a line or two that come at the end of the introductory paragraph. This line is crucial as it exposes the reader to the main idea and intentions of the writing. Body paragraphs normally follow the introductory paragraph. In the body paragraphs, the author begins with topic sentences. This is a sentence that supports the claim in the thesis statement; it provides information and facts that are of interest to the reader. After the topic sentence has been clearly stated, the author should go ahead and explain in details the idea he wants the readers to understand. The body paragraphs should be concise and precise.

After filling the essay, the writer gets to the conclusion. Here, the author does not only provide a summary of the writing bit links the conclusion to the introduction. The end should provide on how the essay has described, explained or given valuable information on a topic. The conclusion usually does not introduce any new idea to the essay. The author must think as much as possible try to his conclusion to the points he discussed in the body paragraphs. We have experienced writers who make sure that this is efficiently done.

We Can Create Such Expository Essay

Having gone through the importance of expository essay and known some tips on coming up with a good expository essay, it is good to realize that we can create such essays. Through practice, students can write expository essays on other different topics of interest and give an impression of mastery. The following is the list of expository essays that one needs to know:

  • Cause and effect essay – these types of expository essays are developed around a reason that caused something as well as the results.
  • Classification essays – here, the author broadly define a topic and writes about it. The author then classifies the broad topic into sub-topics and independently discusses them.
  • Comparison and Contrast essays – these essays focus on similarities and differences about a topic – event or object.
  • Process essays – they are also referred to as “how-to” essays. In this type of essays, the author explains the procedure of doing something. Examples include how to cook a meal or how to make a dress. In the introductory paragraph, the author may state a problem and give a procedure of how to solve the problem.
  • Problem and solution essay – in this type of essay, the author brings about a problem in a particular topic and then proposes the best solutions to the issues.
  • Definition essays – these essays provide for explanations of complicated subjects. They tend to make the reader understand the simple meaning of a statement, idea or encounter.

We write all the mentioned types of expository essays. We develop a keen approach for each kind of making sure that it suits the format and interests of the audience. You can, therefore, bet that with us nothing goes wrong when it comes to the writing of expository essays.

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