An outstanding college essay format

It is impossible to find a person, who has never heard of a personal statement or a college essay format, which plays a significant part in the process of applying to the college of your dreams and building the future you have always dreamed of.

However, many students neglect this assignment, as they think that it is not as important as their grades or simply don’t have enough time to write a proper essay. However, practice shows that a college essay, as the most challenging part of an application process, can greatly increase your chances of being accepted.

That is why we want to provide you with useful tips on how to complete college essay formatting to make it correspond with the guidelines of any institution, even with the strictest demands.

How to format

Every college or university accepts different formatting styles, so you need to make sure you follow all the recommendations to be able to get the highest possible score. However, when college essay format is not obvious, there is a list of widely accepted recommendations:

  • Always use one-inch margins. They are easy to read and are accepted everywhere;
  • It will be much easier to read your essay if you use 1,5 or double spaces;
  • Start every paragraph with a new line, using a single tab;
  • Stick to the most accepted fonts, which are easy to read. They include Arial, Calibri, Times. The standard size is 12pt;
  • Avoid including your personal name to your college essay, unless it is requested;
  • If you are submiting an application form online, make sure you use an accepted format. If it is possible, always use .pdf files, which are widely accepted on all of the platforms;
  • Avoid caps, unnecessary symbols, emoji, hashtags and other signs, which may be inappropriate for a public institution.

Remember that college format essay also depends on the course, college requirements and your personal characteristics, so following our rules you should also keep in mind what your personal preferences are. It is a chance to reveal your personality and convey your personal story through symbols, so you don’t have a second chance of making a first impression!

college essay format

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