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What is An Analytical Essay?

An analytical essay is that it gives a detailed examination of a topic or idea at hand. Analytical essay writing requires the author to carry out satisfying research about a topic before planning on writing about it. The author needs to develop a deep interest in the topic and know the impact of the analysis to the audience – reader. Analytical essays are meant to explore, inform and convince the audience. For instance, one may decide to write an analytical essay on the effects of drugs on the youths. Here, the author ought to choose a prescription or drugs of interest and develop a detailed analysis of its chemical contents. The essay should contain a detailed explanation of how the constituent chemicals react with the body chemicals to bring about the chemical reaction that leads the user to react the way they behave. The author may go ahead to explain some of the procedures that may be used to stop the reaction and save the generation.

Analytical essays will follow this basic structure; the introduction, the body paragraph, and the conclusion. The introduction space captures the broad topic of what the author wants to discuss. It also has a thesis statement stating the intention of the analysis and how it is going to be carried out. After going through the introduction of an excellent analytical introduction, the reader should be able to gauge whether the essay is of interest to his concerns or not. For example, if the essay topic is drug abuse, the author should pledge the claim in the introduction. This will make the reader whose intention is to analyze an issue on politics to avoid going through the whole essay to discover that it is not talking about politics.

The basic tips of writing analytical skills include coming up with a clear topic – the topic should not contradicting or too long. Another tip is ensuring that the author delivers analytical content; the content should not be theoretical but facts that are well cited. The author should also include examples while writing the essay. The samples should be real and understandable to make the readers comprehend. Examples also make the essay practical enough.

TOP-10 Analytical Essay Topics

  • Why are graffiti and street art popular today?
  • Single-parent families and their plight;
  • Gender roles and switching roles;
  • Obesity problem nowadays;
  • Communication differences between men and women;
  • Overcoming Insomnia;
  • Use of Drugs in Sports;
  • Language Barriers in Multicultural societies;
  • Economic Effects of Current Politics;
  • Why was Africa Colonized?

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