How To Write A Perfect 500-Word Essay From Scratch

A 500-word essay is a prevalent type of paper. Unlike a 250-word essay, this type allows you to express your thoughts and pick up enough arguments fully. Usually, you have to write a 500-word essay if you apply for a scholarship. Students are given a particular question which they should answer. Therefore, it is important to know the features of a 500-word essay to get the highest grade.

Quite often, you might bump into several difficulties when creating a good essay. For example, you cannot come up with a strong thesis statement, or you cannot fit your ideas into the required amount of words. Of course, you can avoid disappointments and order professional writing help from our service. However, we recommend you read this article and learn some tips to create a high-quality essay.

What Are The Features Of A 500-Word Essay?

Let's start with the proper structure of a 500-word essay. Like any other writing type, it consists of an introduction, body part, and a conclusion. So, we want to tell you how to write each part of this essay:

  1. Introduction. This is the first part of your paper, so you should use that to attract a reader. Make sure to pick up a strong thesis statement, as it conveys the essay's main message. You will be supporting your thesis statement in the following paragraphs. Also, think about using a hook to intrigue a person. 
  2. Body paragraphs. The main part of the essay consists of 3-5 paragraphs, so you have enough space to develop your ideas. Each section should contain an argument and evidence. Also, you need to make sure that your body paragraphs support your thesis statement. Follow the logical sequence so as not to confuse a reader.
  3. Conclusion. This is the last paragraph of your paper. In conclusion, you need to summarize your ideas and reinforce the thesis statement. The last part of a paper so the reader will probably remember that. Make it concise but clear.

Overall, the structure of a 500-word essay is quite simple. However, you need to avoid writing about everything and anything at all. Opt for short, understandable sentences that perfectly explain your ideas.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Write A High-Quality 500-Word Essay

Now, let us explain the steps on how to create a perfect 500-word essay. Our experts made a guide that will come in handy for you. Here it is:

  1. Write an outline. Start with a plan, come up with a structure of the essay. Try to pick up a strong thesis statement and a few arguments. List your ideas for the main part of the paper. An outline will help you fulfill each part of the essay.
  2. Use brainstorming. It will help you come up with powerful arguments and pick up enough evidence. If you do not know how to use brainstorming, browse through the Internet. We recommend you to try writing down everything you can about the topic. Then, you can choose the relevant information.
  3. Research the topic. The best thing you can do is to learn as many details about the topic as possible. You need to be aware of each side of the argument. Take enough time to complete in-depth research.
  4. Start writing. Do not try to write the whole paper without breaks. You need to rest for a little bit to feel rejuvenated. However, try to focus on the topic while you are writing.
  5. Edit the essay. Some students neglect to revise their assignments. It is extremely risky as you can make a mistake or break the logical sequence. If you are too tired to edit the essay, you can opt for our online help.
500 word essay

Important Tips That Can Help You Improve The Quality Of An Essay

We have prepared some useful tips that can facilitate the writing process and help you improve the paper. Our experts always use them so that they can create a high-quality essay in a few hours. That is why we recommend you to try them:

  • take enough time to create a thesis. The thesis statement is probably the most important part of your essay. Keep in mind that all 500 words should support your thesis statement;
  • follow the logical sequence of the text. Make sure each following sentence develops the idea and message of the previous one;
  • define your target audience. If you are applying for a scholarship, we recommend you to find out who is working at the admissions committee. Also, you should read examples of other students' papers.

If you need any help writing a 500-word essay, we are ready to take responsibility for your assignment. Our experts create papers from A to Z without using any other sources. That is why we guarantee to complete the essay in the shortest period.

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